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Body Found

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Nahnta Police

HICKOX – A body found underneath the bridge on White Ford Road near here has been identified as that of a Jacksonville, Fla. black man, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Kingsland Office.

The body was found Wednesday, November 10 wrapped in plastic under the bridge on the road about three miles from here.

An autopsy Thursday, November 11 identified the man as John Edward Moss, 47, of Jacksonville, Fla., said Stacie Carson, GBI Special Agent-in-Charge.

“We believe the incident happened in Jacksonville,” said Carson. “We have turned the entire investigation over to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department.

Details about the death have not been released, said Carson.

“It appeared the body had been there for at least a week, possibly more than a week,” Carson said.

The Brantley County Sheriff’s Office received a call Wednesday about “something suspicious” under the bridge and responded to the location where the body was located.

Brantley Sheriff Len Davis said the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department is well on the way to having the case wrapped up.

“I don’t know how much they are ready to release but it is out of our hands now,” said Davis. “I do want to say how proud I am that our officers worked well with the GBI and JSO on this case. You just never know in cases like this. But they are overwhelmingly confident that the crime happened down there.”

Davis was quick to point out the citizens in Brantley County had no need to be alarmed about the situation after rumors circulated of a possible serial killer.

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